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Halo is an unconventional, exciting PR, communications & creative agency with a commitment to innovation and change. Our approach to communication is unique and ever-evolving, spanning all aspects of storytelling; from editorial to social media strategy to content creation in all forms, including video and podcast production.

A predominantly tech-focused company working with some of the world’s leading cutting edge businesses, our line-up includes teams in the Space industry, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, XR and Environmental Fund Management, amongst other sectors.

Founded in 2018 by Jessica Ratty, Halo’s mission has always been to tell the incredible stories of the people they work with in new and creative ways. As a Cornish born company, they are extremely proud of their heritage and as Cornwall evolves into the next evolution of business and innovation, Halo sees working from this incredible county as an opportunity to build and inspire the next generation.

The PR House

In our house we build progressive relationships  - working with extraordinary people and companies who aspire to change the world, transforming behaviours and economies. Our passion lies across tech, innovation, brand content and simply making the boat go faster.

There is no way we can showcase all the PR we land for our client teams (that would take forever and we are too busy landing content) but here are some tasters for you to check out:

We deliver online and offline brand activation.

Our reason for existing is to amplify and enhance how people and brands talk about themselves to the world, working together with our teams to create content that turns communities into customers.

We work closely with impactful brands to land content on platforms, on networks, in inboxes, on mobile and desktop and  most importantly, in the hearts and minds of society where it really makes a difference.

But wait, what do we do?

We do what is needed to get the job done, PR, digital marketing, copy writing, asset creation, filming, podcasting, email marketing, relationship building, network mapping, public speaking... and other stuff not listed here because what you need might not even have a name yet.

People said what?

"It's easy to try and fit into some form of stereotype that conforms with the 'norm' but it really takes guts to dare to be different. Too many people are told that they cannot be successful if they live in Cornwall. My daughter and I left your talk inspired and fired up for what lays ahead!"

Jess Talks

"Jess has been instrumental in supporting Gravity Industries to build it's global brand, and has done a wonderful job applying her fantastic energy to helping Gravity scale it's media impact."

Richard Browning  - Gravity Industries

"If only more PR's were like you"

Jack Rear  - The Telegraph

Working with Jess and her team has been a revelation. Her infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy has had a huge impact on everyone here at DOOH.com

Jeremy Taylor, Managing Partner - DOOH.COM

"I have worked with Jess for many years now. Safe to say, she is an absolute powerhouse, bursting with ideas, enthusiasm and an absolute dream to work with. Unlike many PR professionals I have worked with in the past, Jess always goes the extra mile - both for her clients and us journalists. Evenings, weekends, holidays, if I've needed a quote or some extra info, she's been super fast and professional. Go Halo!"

Bex Burn-Callander - National Journalist and Author

"I often forget that Jess and the team actually work within Ha-lo so integrated are they within our day to day Marcomms, they TrueType understand, believe and live our company beliefs which means I can leave everything in their very capable hands and trust they won’t only deliver, they will far exceed."

Stacey Knight - Marketing and Commercial Director - CSM Live

Relationships are at the heart of what we do.

With the media, with communities, with partners and global organisations. We are nothing without the people we are beyond proud to work alongside.

Our community:

Meet the team



With a heart full of ambition to create change and a head full of opportunities to do so, Jess knows a thing or two when it comes to making waves. Founder of Halo, Jess has spent 18 years working on global campaigns, inc. the launching the world’s largest enterprise campaign with Virgin (VOOM), and launching the world’s first ever Jet Suit with Gravity Industries. Jess is also a named BBC Expert Woman, alongside being a LinkedIn business “Story of Success”.



PR & Social Media Account Manager

“The Pepper Potts of Tech PR”. Georgia has worked at the cutting edge of some of the UK’s newest and most innovative technologies since starting her career with Halo. She has a track record of managing accounts end-to-end from proposal management to ‘on the ground’ PR work. Highlights include Reuters, Forbes, BBC, ITV, and helping smash a Guinness World Record with Crowdfunder.



Apprentice Content Producer

Jack is the oracle when it comes to optimised, streamlined content for websites and social media. An established film-maker, content editor and podcast recording expert, Jack is able to turn raw pixels into compelling content to match any campaign or marketing streak in a body of work.‍



Consultant & Strategist

With over 25 years of experience as a marketing, pr and digital communications strategist, I get stuff done. Living my best life when at the beach, in my garden or feasting with friends and family. I also really love my dogs. As Simon Sinek says…"happiness comes from what we do, fulfillment comes from why we do it."



PR & Marketing Assistant

Weaver of words, musician and all-round creative from the heart of Cornwall. Worlds no. 1 Bon Jovi fan and Jim Carrey enthusiast.



Budding Intern at Halo

Student at the University of Plymouth, and budding Intern at Halo. I’m a lover of all things film, music, art and storytelling. I’m a dog mum, vegan tree-hugger and social butterfly, who hopes to see the world and write about everyone in it. “No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” - Dead Poet’s Society



For further information contact hello@ha-lo.co

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